El Paraíso golf club

Welcome to the El Paraíso Golf Club, situated in the sunny coast of Costa del Sol. El Paraíso is one of the oldest and most well-established courses on the coast of the Costa del Sol, Spain. The course was designed as early as in 1973 and has been an undying favourite ever since. Not only is the course well-established, it is also famous for its unique design and the designer is no one less than iconic Gary Player. Gary player, who is often considered to be one of the greatest golfers of all times, has among other things won nine major championships on the Champions Tour and nine major championships on the regular tour. The design of the golf course truly is the work of a professional golf player and the course has for many years been famous for its design, ambiance, layout and setting.

Since the El Paraíso golf club opened in 1973 it has been famous for the active social life that it provides its members with. This is one major reason as to why the El Paraíso Golf Club is so close to heart for many of its members. When the club opened in 1973 it quickly gained members, and by 1993 it already had 400 members. When the former owner, Wimpey Constructions, decided to sell the course the members knew that they had to act. They negotiated and rose finance, and today the course remains one of few on the coast that is owned and driven by members.

The course truly is unique in the sense that it offers something for people of all ages and abilities, and also has a childrens club called Amigos Club.

The ambiance of the course goes in true Andalusian spirit and the beautiful El Paraíso valley is surrounded by palm trees and serves as an exotic paradise.